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This site is dedicated to providing extra support information to people that have bought an Original WiiKey mod chip or are about to buy an Original WiiKey. We have a WiiKey version guide to help determine which version WiiKey you have purchased. Also a clone comparison section to work out if you have been sold the genuine item or not, an install guide section with guides and diagrams for the newer model Wii like D2B with the 3 legs missing from the IC, and last but not least a shame section.

With the release of the WiiKey 2 we will soon be adding guides and information to support people that have or are about to buy one of these new WiiKey 2 mod chips for their Wii console. The WiiKey 2 will now support all model's of Wii on the market with just 5 wires for DMS to D2B and just 9 wires for the latest D2C2 & D2E consoles. The WiiKey v2 will also have a configuration disk like the original that will allow functions of the chip to be turned on and off, they are flash upgradable as well, these latest WiiKey could quite quickly become the most popular chip for Wii. If your the owner of a D2E console we think you should check these out and know we will have support here for them.

The Shame Section is for exposing company's & web shops that are selling & installing clone wiikey's as the original item. These business are blatantly lying to their customers about the product being installed or sold to them. The Shame Sections purpose is not to expose those company's selling WiiKey clones advertised as such, but those company's blatantly selling clones as if they were the original item. We believe that this is shady business and anyone caught doing so deserves to be exposed for lying to customers about what they paid for.

So the only sites you will see in our name and shame list, are those ones that we have proof they were selling a clone as the original item to customers. Be it installed or chips sold. Before we add any site to this list, we have either received a photo along with proof of purchase from a customer who has bought or had the chip installed, or we have purchased a chip from their site directly and identified it as a clone. The photos identified as clones from such stores will be posted next to the name in the shame list for you also to verify.

wiiKey gold v4 mod chip

WiiKey Version Guide
(Guide on the different versions of Original WiiKey produced)

WiiKey Clone Comparison
(Guide to comparing WiiKey Orignal with WiiKey Clones)

WiiKey Install Guides
(Install Guides Section With Info on D2B Models)
Shame List
(Shame list for shops selling or installing WiiKey Clones as Orignals)
Solderless Wii Mod Chip Guide
(Guide on the different Wii solderless modchip on the market)
wiiKey gold v4 mod chip

Email us if you wish to report a store or send a photo for verifcation